Shiseido Professional Spring Hair Trends Forecast

Shiseido Professional creates styling products that help you get the season’s hottest look.
One of the trends spotted is glossy hair with a wet-look crown and dry textured curls.



Key words: Glossy and textures. Dewy femininity


Building on the gradated bob, geometric bangs are used to project the trends, while finishing the style in a compact silhouette in an allusion to minimalism in vogue in the fashion industry. Creations were centered on “Wet & Shiny” with a styling agent that produces wet-looking, dewy glossiness from hair roots to ends.
Makeup: Eye shadows with a tinge of grey. Lips are slicked with bluish-hued rose pink, tissued off after application and finish with a dab of matte powder.

Guys:Key words: Square silhouette. masculinity

Hair:There is an androgynous, gender-neutral feature for this season. The hair style is built on the “two block” cut, with sections underneath cropped boldly and neatly around the ears and nape. Corners of forehead create a square silhouette and hair blow-dried backwards (against growth direction) and styled with a wet, glossy styling agent to present a glistening finish. Slick down hair from the sides to the crest in a lifting motion and finish with hard hold hairspray to obtain a square shape. A stoic, masculine hairstyle and abstract fashion are the hallmarks of the contemporary man, who lives in the age of extreme confusion.

“Beauty Innovators”
Hair Direction: SHISEIDO Beauty Creation Research Center
Ladies’ Hair Director: Hirofumi Kera (SHISEIDO Beauty Top Specialist)
Men’s Hair Director: Tadashi Harada (SHISEIDO Beauty Top Specialist)
Makeup (Ladies): Nobuko Yamada
Creative Director: SIMONE INC.
Photographer: TISCH (SWITCH)
Stylist: Toshio Takeda (MILD INC.)

Shiseido Professional Stage Works Damp Jelly (LIMITED EDITION), $28

Designed to be applied on dry hair, this oil-free gel enlivens it with a healthy glossy shine. The moisturising formula leaves a longlasting shine. It is suitable for both men’s and women’s short crops. To use, spread well in palm before working into hair. For ladies, apply layer of hair only and scrunch for a glossy look. For men, come hair on crown to the side and finger comb with Damp Jelly on fingers.

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