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Do you know that irregular sleep and pollution are some of the factors that will lead to persistent skin dryness, visible pores and erratic acne breakouts? Astalift Lunamer offers those with irregular sleep pattern and constantly exposed to internal and external stress stimuli the secret to glowing skin. This skin detoxifying skincare, recharges dull and slag skin as it boosts and restores skin regenerative ability.REVIEW

I used this range for about a month. Here’s my review:

As I was having some persistent acne problems recently, the ASTERLIFT Lunamer Clear Wash, $30, cleanses my skin better than my regular anti-ageing cleanser and the inflamed pimples seem to back down a little.  Initially I thought the lotion and brightener would be enough to unclog the pores, and reduce the pimples, but of course, the acne only became less inflamed after I started using the fruit acid containing cleanser which has a light citrusy scent. I cleanse my face with this in the morning and with the cleansing oil (below).

I used this cleansing oil after my acne subsided. The Clear Wash is used to double cleanse. To remove my waterproof mascara and makeup, ASTERLIFT Lunamer Clear Cleansing Oil, $32, does a thorough job with the help of cotton pads.IIIn the past, cleansing oils tend to leave me with bumps after a while, hence I used thus cleansing oil for a month before writing this review. And I am glad to announce that I do not have any bumps or outbreak from using this. In fact, it is much lighter than most oil cleansers I have used before, does not leave my skin clogged up over time and removes my eye makeup thoroughly. Thanks to Orange oil, which gently purifies skin. Although the instruction calls for 2-3 pumps worth of the cleansing oil, I have found that a smaller face like mine can do with just one pump of this lighter oil cleanser. As I massage the cleansing oil on my skin, it becomes watery to signal being ready for the addition of water for removal. Cotton pads are used to wipe off eye makeup thoroughly before I splashed and massagedy my face with more water, and double cleanse with the Clear Wash.
The star of this range is the ASTALIFT Lunamer Brightener, $60. It is one of the first exfoliative beauty essences today, which helps you achieve smooth and translucent complexion by removing skin dulling aged keratin sitting on skin surface in one swipe and nourishing skin with a high concentration of key active ingredients. As the impurities are removed by wiping with this product, the absorption of skincare that follows is also maximised.  ASTALIFT Lunamer Lotion I (Light) / II (Moisture), $36, unlike the usual lotion or toners I’ve used before leaves an amazing layer of moisture on my skin after I wiped skin with it. It conditions skin and enhances skin with Clear Nanovitamin E, while preventing dullness. There are two versions, one for normal skin (Lotion I) and one for dry skin (Lotion II).

I also love ASTALIFT Lunamer Emulsion II (Moisture), $40 100ml, which has a light emulsion texture that delivers as much moisture as heavier moisturizers like a cream. For acne-prone skin that is as dry as mine, a cream would deliver the right about of moisture, however, it usually also leaves me with clogged pores in no time. This Emulsion II however, has a lighter texture than creams and is rather hydrating and thus a better option for dry acne-prone skin. For less dry skin, a lighter moisturiser is available – Emulsion I, is an option you can check out.

ASTALIFT Lunamer UV Protector SPF40/PA++, $42 30g, seems to be more hydrating and less oily than the usual sun filters I’ve used before. What more? It is packed with the highest amount of detoxifying ingredient Crown Sugar, which prevents harmful elements in the environment from penetrating deep into skin. It’s certainly a great protective product to protect skin not only from skin ageing UV rays but also from pollution like haze and car exhaust in the air.

WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT ASTALIFT Lunamer skincare range?          

Lunamer detoxifies skin as it removes skin impurities like dirt, excess sebum secretion and reduces plug build-up in pores. Not only does it contain nourishing ingredients that hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin. It also protects skin from damage caused by active oxygen aka free radicals due to UV exposure.

5 star Ingredients that helm Lunamer’s Purify & Energise Approach

Clear Nanovitamin E (tocopherol and tocotrienol)Antioxidant Vitamin E from palm oil is packed in a very small capsules and delivered deep into skin to improve skin cell renewal and collagen production.

Crown Sugar and the Japanese herb Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract Removes impurities and protects skin from damage.

Nanovitamin A and the Japanese herb Curcumin (or Turmeric) Improve blood circulation and strengthen skin by boosting cell-regeneration.

Nano technologyFUJIFLM’s propriety nanotechnology is the smallest in the world at 60 nanometers. With this dimension, Clear Nanovitamin E for example delivers vitamin E deep into skin eight times more efficiently than conventional vitamin E nano-particles. It also has a higher anti-inflammatory efficacy.

VERDICT: This skin care is worth checking out, especially for an urbanite with a hectic lifestyle, irregular sleep patterns and constant exposure to pollution like exhaust from vehicles and cigarette smoke. The textures of the moisturiser is lighter than most. I am amazed that Lunamer cleanser has anti-ageing properties and cleanses skin better without being harsh to skin.

Company behind ASTALIFT

Most of us may associate Fujifilm with the photographic industry. We love how beautifully our photos come out on Fujifilm’s glossy paper as well as when these memories are taken with Fujifilm. Well, this business which was established in 1934 has found some similarities between preserving pretty pictures and prolonging youthful skin too – antioxidation technology to prevent photo-fading, collagen synthesis to produce photo films, nanotechnology to deliver ingredients, and light analyzing technology to put the skin complexion in the most attractive light.

With this knowledge, skincare brand like ASTALIFT came about six years ago and became an award-winning anti-ageing skincare range in its home country, Japan long before it was launched in South East Asia. This skincare range is loved by many for its efficacy, light texture, and ultra hydrating and anti-ageing properties.

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