REVIEW KERASTASE Aminexil anti-hairloss serum and battery operated massager

Kerastase Aminexil Anti-Hairloss and Scalp Massager Trial
(before) Limp fine hair growing on scalp. One can see

more of scalp through the hair strands.

A few months ago, I blogged about the launch of Kérastase Aminixil (please click here). Now here’s the review after using the serum and limited massager. I got someone facing hair fall issues to try the Kérastase Aminexil with the limited edition massager.

His scalp is also pinkish and oily, with one or two red pimple-like bumps. On the first day the redness of the scalp subsided by the time the bottle of Kerastase Aminexil is used up. But on the days that follow there wasn’t any reduction of scalp redness.
According to Kérastase, it seems like my trial partner is suffering from a super oily scalp, and the redness is caused by bacteria attacking the scalp. Explaining further, a representative from Kérastase said that humidity encourages the growth of bacteria, resulting in the appearance of pimples on scalp.
In most cases, those with hair fall and oily scalp would be encouraged to use control oily scalp conditions before using Aminexil if oily and redness is the main concern. Reason being, this serum stops hair loss, but does not address scalp oiliness. Although it contains Madecassoside, which soothes skin or scalp inflammations, it does not prevent oiliness caused by over-active oil glands. So bacteria will return to the scalp once it oily.
In addition, those with super oily scalp should avoid stimulate the oil glands on the scalp further by over massaging as it might result in over-stimulating the oil glands, leaving a scalp that is oilier than before.
The brush boosts better blood circulation to promote better hair growth, however in those with oily scalp conditions, avoid over using the brush.
I notice that more hair seems to have fallen out after 3 days into the trial, but the remaining hair seems to become coarser than before with continued use of Aminexil. Does using this serum cause an initial hair fall before new and healthier hair grows back?
Kérastase: Yes, as this product helps to soften the collagen around the hair follicle. In the initial 10 days, consumers might experience hair loss in the initial application for old thin hair to drop off, after which healthier hair will grow out.
(Four days) After starting on the Aminexil, scalp

becomes healthier and hair strands are coarser than before.

Kérastase Massager:
I used the massager on my scalp. The cooling little “fingers” on the massager soothes scalp and I feel relaxed by its cool temperature and rhythmic tapping.
The Scalp Massager comes with the purchase of a pack of Kerastase Aminexil serum. While stocks last.
VERDICT: Aminexil certainly helps to fortify hair strands and reduce hair fall. Parts of my trial partner’s head where the serum was used has healthier, coarser hair than before. Scalp redness is reduced with continued use within days of starting on the regime.
Massager: The gentle tapping motion of the two AAA_batteries-operated massager is soothing and releases small doses of the serum onto scalp as it taps. It is true that as we reduce the use of the massager on scalp it is less oily than before, the day after using the Aminexil. To apply more of the serum on scalp and minimise massaging, Apply serum onto scalp directly from the bottle instead of pouring into the massager. Each pack of serum comes with two applicator caps for precise application onto scalp where it is needed most, reducing splashing on hair strands.
In a recent Kerastase’s regional research, hair fall concern ranks one of the top among Asian countries in recent years. So do not be shy about getting it addressed as soon as you notice it. As Dr Lim Hock Him from Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic says once hair falls out it should be addressed within two years. This is because after two years, it would be impossible to get hair to regrow on that bald spot.
Take good care of your scalp and hair.

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