Get a Respite from the Haze with Yoga at a Salt Cave

Exercising and Healing with Pure Pharmaceutical Salt

There is more than one reason why you’d want to book a yoga session in this Salt Cave, especially with this haze causing respiratory problems and skin itches. I have respiratory problems (sinusitis and allergic rhinitus) and is usually the first to be hit during the hazy months. I was rather curious but went with an open mind, and I came away convinced having experienced the salt “cave” first hand.

A few evenings ago, I had a yoga stretching session at a Salt Cave with Dr Lynn Yeo, an opthalmologist and owner of Space & Light Studios @VERITA  Standing next to this trim and muscular doctor, I feel like blubber or toufu. Being in her fifties, Dr Yeo doesn’t look her age at all, in fact she is very energetic and put me to shame. I can’t help but notice her muscular arms which she said are all due to REGULAR yoga practice.

Salt Yoga
Practising gentle yoga stretches in this unique room covered with pharmaceutical grade salt helps one inhale and benefit therapeutically from the anti-inflammatory properties of the salt. The negative ions help one to relax during the stretches and eventually improve breathing, detoxify, strengthen immunity and revitalise skin in the space of one hour. Skin benefits too, especially those with eczema.

“The aim of the 60 min class is to increase the depth, capacity and awareness of breath.  We want to help the students increase circulation and breath deeply to maximise the benefits of the halo-therapy (salt cave therapy). Salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it’s great for the lungs and skin.  It also  provides negative ions in the body which is healthy and promotes regeneration, rejuvenation, relaxation.”
– Dr Lynn  Yeo

For my one hour light yoga stretches in her unique salt “cave”, I can’t help but find my breathing improving unconsciously as we stretched my ageing stiffening muscles and body. “The purpose of having yoga stretches is to encourage one of breathe deeply to get the healing salt deep into the lungs to heal, detoxify and energise.” says Dr Yeo.

The tightness that is usually around my shoulders and upper back were gone by the time I walked out of the room, exhausted.

Being one who is trained in anatomy Dr Yeo taught me how I can improve my stretch without any pain in my troubled lower back, as well as to squeeze my shoulders blades together as much as possible. These are fundamentals that I can’t seem to achieve on my own.

However, within this one-to-one session, Dr Yeo was able to introduce stretches that specifically address my lower back problem. Although these Salt Yoga sessions won’t strengthen muscles, I believe that if I were to practice the stretches I learn here on a daily basis, I would eventually strengthen my thigh and arm muscles.Interesting isn’t it?

Just a note about my lower back. At a quick visual check a year ago, a specialist noticed that my lower back has lost its curvature. However, today Dr Yeo assures me that with regular right yoga exercises I may regain flexibility and not have lower back aches anymore. Indeed when I bent forward with her guidance, the pinch that I felt when I bent forward earlier on in my own unconscious way, disappeared.

VERDICT:Throughout the whole session, the stiffness in my joints and back loosened as we repeated the recommended stretches. I was dripping with perspiration as I repeated the stretches, despite being in an air conditioned room, and her presence reminds me why I need a one-to-one guidance as I could hardly see my feet with my loose top and had no idea what proper alignment was. For example, when Dr Yeo told me to point my toes towards the front, the correct position felt like my feet was crooked instead of pointing towards the front. I guess, my feet were used to being positioned in a certain way out of habit. Unknowingly I have trained my feet to stay in the wrong position when at rest.

After one hour, I walked out of the room more flexible and every stiffness seem to be a thing of the past. No Kidding.

I wish Dr Yeo has a video recording that I can use as a home guidance tool, though I am aware it’s can’t be compared to her attentiveness to correct my postures during my practice sessions.


Space & Light Studios @VERITA usually conducts Salt Stretch on Wednesdays at 5pm (Advanced booking required for minimum of 2 persons). Please call for updated booking dates.

$150 per session,  1 person (private session)
$70 per session, minimum 2

The sessions are held at 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park. Tel 66430550/96917828 (Sumei) to make an appointment.

We do not build muscles with stretches in a salt cave.  Salt cave yoga is just to promote breath- it is for the salt, the yoga is secondary.  

Muscles and fitness and leanness are developed with regular yoga practice, and yoga is more than just stretches.  There is no stretch without strength and the first thing that yoga builds is muscle awareness and strength, before these muscles are stretched. 

Dr Yeo doing a demo. See her muscular arms.

Upcoming Banish Back Pain Seminar
Dr Yeo admits that she gets upset to see so many Singaporeans with back problems when the trick is in our posture and how we tuck in our tail bone and hips.

If you are constantly plagued by lower back pain, Dr Yeo will be conducting a talk and workshop on 27 July 2013, from 3pm to 5.30pm. Make your reservations at 6643 0550 / 9691 7828 or before 14 July 2013 to enjoy a 10% discount from the $100 regular ticket price.

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