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 Choosing a suitable pillow with Simmons
Simmons Beautyrest Neckcare Pillows 
Recently we decided to invest more in a good pillow. As we are talking about an approximated $200 each, extra care should be given in choosing the right one as exchanges won’t be entertained, nor can we just chuck it aside if the purchase ends up being the wrong choice.Pillow Test

How do you make your choice? Usually we would hug or press the pillow to ensure it is not too soft or check if it’s fluffy enough. But that has its inaccuracies as I find out over the years. There was also once when we stayed at a hotel in Malacca and I almost bought the fluffiest and most comfortable down pillow I’ve ever used. We still think of those pillows today. 

 The Search for the Ultimate Pillow

The best service I received during my search was at one of Simmons showrooms. The staff at its Paragon outlet asked if I am a side sleeper as the best pillow test is to consider one’s usual sleeping positions and to lie in these positions – on one’s side and then on one’s back – while resting one’s head on the pillow, to check for comfort level. Also, the firmness of a pillow is largely dependent on the individual using it. It does not correspond with one’s built. And my real life example is the petite lady at Simmons who sleeps well only on Extra Firm Pillows. Interesting, isn’t it?So I did those tests on the firm, medium and soft Simmons Beautyrest Neckcare pillows. The Soft pillow is out of the question as the pillow flattened the moment I rested my head on it. On the Firm pillow, although it was comfortable when I was lying on my side, it felt awkward the moment I turned over to lie in my back – it felt like my head was too high causing my neck to be bent at an awkward position, leaving me feeling choked.

To confirm if the Medium pillow is for me, I repeated the test on it and sure enough the comfort was just right.

I have just learned something new again.

Why are Simmons’ pillows priced so? The explanation I get was that it has mini-springs inside to ensure longlasting firmness. Apparently it is also the only pocketed coil pillow in the bedding industry. It is made with 100% premium cotton twill, is non-allergenic and bacteria-free. Below are its other benefits I found on its website:

• Active contour
• Ideal Spinal Alignment
• Controlled Microclimate
• Instant Adaptability
• Soft & Plump

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