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Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care REVIEW
Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care 

REVIEW: Prolonging Beautiful Curls and Hair Colour with Pantene 

After numerous perms and home colouring, I found that my hair has become very dry and every DIY home colouring did not seem to last about three months. I switched from an oily scalp shampoo to a hydrating formulation thinking that would solve the problem. However, I realised that hair fall during shampoos increase with the hydrating shampoo and the dryness and extreme frizziness did not improve much.
Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care 
Then, this new shampoo range by Pantene was launched. It promises to restore health to dry damaged hair―Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care. After the first use, there seems to be fewer kinks at hair ends. After a few weeks of use, the extreme frizziness improved. In particular, I find that my hair is less dry after using Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care Conditioner and Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program.

REVIEW: Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care Conditioner
I could feel my hair soften while massaging the conditioner onto my hair length, although it did not remain as soft after rinsing, but hair is detangled and less dry after rinsing off the Conditioner

REVIEW: 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program
I see obvious improvement in my curl definition each time right after rinsing off the 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program. I thought I made a mistake so I made a conscious effort to check at the next treatment a week later. And yes curls are always more defined next two days post Pantene 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program

Regarding hair colour, I find that after I started using this hair care range, salon colour remains rich even after it has lightened from a very deep brown to a lighter hue two months after the salon colour was done and two months into using this range. New greys start to appear about one and a half months post salon colour as usual. 

VERDICT: I would use Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Carerange again after my next chemical treatment as my hair became less dry after using this range. It was also able to revive my tired 1 year old digital perm at least for 2 days after using the treatments. Note that i use this range for two months and I continue to use my usual leave-in serums and nourishing hair cream after towel drying my hair throughout the product trial. 

Why is Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care range good for your chemically treated hair? 

Pantene Liquid Crystal Shampoo System helps to redefine the benchmark for lasting colour and curls, through a research involving 19 external dermatologists and internal scientific hair experts. Findings from this research remind women that each chemical treatment that we put our hair through damages hair. When hair is damaged, any curls or colour will not last, compared to healthy hair with curls and colour, that is. 

Damaged coloured and permed hair loses its natural ‘lipid’ layer (F layer), a natural protective layer for hair fibres. This means chemically treated hair is naturally more vulnerable to external aggressors, and thus less able to retain lasting colour and curls. How does Pantene’s new range help retain these curls and colours? The Liquid Crystals in the Liquid Crystal Shampoo System form a thin film around the hair fibre, acting as a pseudo F-layer, which increases Silicone Deposition Efficiency. Together with Pantene’s signature Pro-V formula, Liquid Crystal Shampoo System repairs and protects the durability of coloured and permed hair, leaving you with longer lasting hair colour or perm. 

As you’ve seen from results of my trial, the highlight of Pantene’s Colour & Perm Lasting Care is 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program, a six-week colour protection treatment program that enables hair retain colour and perm for up to six weeks. It nourishes hair, coats hair to reduce loss of colour pigments and perm bonds within each hair strand.  The result? Longer lasting hair colour and disulphate bonds that better keep the shape of curls after each shampoo. This means you’ll have at least six weeks of multi-dimensional hair colour and lustrous curls, while keeping hair healthier than before. 

Prices for Pantene’s Colour & Perm Lasting Care start from $4.70 each for shampoo and conditioner. Daily Intensive Conditioner, $8.95 and 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program, $8.95 per tube. Available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

These are a few of the hair trends highlighted at the Pantene presentation. Oh, how we desire to look great in them.

Pantene team demonstrates how healthy hair should float on water, while damaged hair usually sinks almost immediately.
Media guests at the launch were invited to repeat the water test
by cutting a strand of their hair, and stirring it into the water.
Smoother and healthier hair after using the range for the first few times.
Condition of my locks on second day post Pantene 6 Weeks Treatment
More pronounced curls day after use of Pantene 6 Weeks Treatment.
Hair is also glossier and ends less frizzier than when I first started using the range. This picture was taken after more than one month of using the

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