Glossy Hair Colour Revives Sensitsed Dry Hair

Latest Ammonia Hair Colour – ILLUMINA COLOR by Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals are convinced that ILLUMINA COLOR by Wella Professionals will protect hair, leave hair glossier, offer better coverage (inclusive of 100% greys coverage) and lift, and longwearing hair colour. This is a test made in comparison with Wella Professionals’ existing Color Touch, an ammonia-free permanent colour line using MEA technology. The other reason this ammonia colour (ILLUMINA COLOR) comes up trumps over and above Color Touch is that ammonia evaporates immediately, that is why we smell it. This keeps hair in better condition without harming the scalp. MEA on the hand, stays on hair until it’s rinsed off



It’s a range of sheer natural hair colours which gives hair incredible luminosity that shines from within. Says Illuminista, Toni & Guy Mandarin Gallery’s Technical Director, Xiaohui: “With micro light technology that is in Illumina colours, it is now possible to achieve lasting hair colours that are filled with shine. The shades available in this range cater to clients who prefer today’s popular natural hair shades. I’ve tried it on hair that is sensitised by chemical services like perms or pre-lightening, and the result is remarkable – hair condition seems to be improved.
 it is stronger and glossier than before.
Water that we use to shampoo hair leaves tiny metal deposits on hair cuticles during each hair shampoo. This residue sticks to hair cuticles and forms cuticle-damaging free radicals during a colouring process, leaving hair less glossy with each hair colour process.
Wella Professionals’ Advanced Microlight technology  contains millions of micro-particles, which encapsulate these tiny metals on hair cuticle to reduce cuticle damage and keeps hair cuticle surface healthier and more transparent.
Result: Boasts 70% more light reflection and proven superior hair protection (compared to its competitor) with:

ILLUMINA COLOR launch party was held in June 2013. Available at Wella Professionals salons.




ILLUMINA COLOR by P&G Salon Professional
Toni&Guy Hairdrressing
Head pieces by Vivien Sheriff
Clothes from Celtic Twilight collection by Diana Taufik
Makeup by Make Up For Ever 

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