REVIEW:Silk ‘N Face FX rejuvenating home gadget

REVIEW: Silk ‘N Face FX rejuvenating home gadget
Simply Beauty had the opportunity to do a trial with this cool skin rejuvenating gadget Silk ‘N FaceFx. Here’s what we found.
Silk’N FaceFX
It uses the synergy of heat radiation and optical energy for long term clinical results. The tool uses a combination of 24 LEDs and HFTM technology proven to be clinically effective at improving the appearance of aged and photo-damaged facial skin.
Silk’N FaceFX Technology
It works with dual use of energies. The low optical energy, non-thermal LED may contribute to increased collagen mass by inhibiting its degradation down to the deep dermis, showing up as less obvious wrinkles and pore size. The optical energy of 635 nm along with the superficial penetration of the heat radiation may heat the epidermis, causing the brown spots to become more fragile. The contact heating may also help in collagen contraction.
How It WorksGently glide the applicator over desired part of face to be treated for 15 to 20 minutes. You should feel gentle heat coming from the metallic part of the head with LED lights. The efficiency of the results varies from person to person and according to the frequency of use and skin type. Some may see results sooner than others.

Silk’N FaceFX treatment course:During the first month (4 weeks), treatment should be performed 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes per session, after which, use only once a week for maintenance.

Here’s what we found out:

The Trial

Silk N’ FaceFX is lightweight and very easy to use.

When I first started, I would use the rejuvenator on my face night the before, and could see a firmer skin the following day. The skin improvements such as more refined and toned skin were obvious on first few days of use. However after a while, as skin is already firm, it took longer to see greater improvements such as a less obvious double chin and a more defined jaw line, when the usage is focussed over my cheeks and jaw line.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: When used over wrinkles on forehead and freckles on cheeks, wrinkles become less obvious after a few sessions, and freckles and uneven skin tone, less obvious.

Double chin is not as obvious as before.*NOTE: Tanned skin is caused by sun exposure during my exercise sessions, and not a side effect of using this gadget.


(from left) Cheek and jaw line after using FaceFx and before starting on FaceFx.
Shadow at the side of my nose is less obvious (See picture on left) after using Silk ‘N Face Fx for about two months.
Challenges of Fitting This Tool into Daily RoutineIt takes a while to get used to making a smooth glide on my skin with this handheld skin rejuvenator, while creating imaginary circles with it. Initially it was difficult to glide it smoothly over skin. It was after a few attempts over a few days that I managed to succeed in getting a smoother glide. The trick was to wait a couple of minutes for my skin to be less damp after wiping my face dry from a wash. Incorporating Silk ‘N FaceFx into my skincare regime took a little of getting used to. It also took me a few attempts to remember not to instinctively reach out for my toner right after cleansing my skin as it needs to be used on clean skin. However, these are easily overcome once I set my mind to it. Also, as my family tries to conserve energy by not charging our gadgets all day, I put the applicator on the charger only when the battery is flat or seem to be very weak. On days when the battery was weaker, all I could manage was a few strokes on my face before the battery conked off. But that didn’t bother me at all. I’d just postpone the session to the next day.
A few doubts Clariancy clarified:Simply Beauty: Can I use this tool with a serum to improve its absorption?

Clariancy:  Only use FaceFx on dry cleansed skin as using a gel or cream while gliding the FaceFx on it may cause gels or creams to get stuck into the Red L.E.D.s leading to malfunction of the tool. While it helps to increase skin cell renewal and stimulate collagen and elastin production, remember to continue with regular skin exfoliation, which will help to even out skin tone and the bumpiness.

Simply Beauty: I heard some therapists advise that if one doesn’t clear the pimples or rough skin with milia seeds before a rejuvenation treatment, skin rejuvenation treatments will not be as effective. So what can I do?

Clariancy: That is true. As such, it is best to exfoliate first before performing aesthetic treatments. If you are using FaceFX, you can consider a home microdermabrasion device to peel the skin first before performing FaceFX treatments. This removes excess keratin on the skin and allows the rays from the Red L.E.Ds to penetrate further and more efficiently into the deeper layers of the skin.

At the clinic setting, we also advise clients to consider peels first before their IPL or laser treatments for better results.On occasional bumps or single pimple:

Simply Beauty: If I have bumps which sometimes become more pronounced while using the FaceFX, from using a massaging cream that are too rich, what should I do?

Clariancy: Usually FaceFX does not make bumps more pronounced than they already are. If your bump is raised because it is a pimple/acne, the FaceFX can indirectly help because acne is most sensitive to Heat and LED Blue Light. The technology behind FaceFX is 41 degrees Celsius heat and LED Red Light. The heat from the FaceFX can help to treat acne.

Simply Beauty: Hydration after FaceFX is a must. What kind of skin hydrator or moisturiser to use?

Clariancy: A hydrating moisturiser is a definite because after all kinds of treatments, our skin tends to be drier, that’s why we have to top it up with more hydration. Thus, using hydrating serums that contains Hyaluronic Acid will be good. An anti-aging moisturiser is alright if it is suitable for your skin type. Basically moisturiser comes in 2 forms, water based or oil based. Usually the more mature and dry skin type will go for oil ones and the acne, oily ones will go for water based. Also, do note the humid weather in Singapore, usually our skin tends to produce oil after awhile, so it is advisable to go for a more water based moisturiser. I’ll say that it’s important to apply serums before your moisturiser as the molecules in moisturiser are bigger and harder to get absorbed into our skin.

Simply Beauty: Can this be used every day? What precautions to take? Does it cause skin to become dry? I find that my already dry skin gets drier after using this tool.

Clariancy: It can be used every day. Having said that, using the Sill ‘N FaceFx daily would not make the results better. As such, I would still recommend you to use it as per the protocol which is 3 times a week for 4 weeks. It does make the skin slightly dehydrated and applying moisturisers after treatments are advisable. In fact, FaceFX helps to increase serum and chemical absorption and it really plumps up the skin when you use a moisturiser after a FaceFX treatment. I guess for this part about the oily stuff, you’ll have to look through all your products. If a product gives you bumps after using, then stop using it as it is too rich for you.

Simply Beauty: Initially when I started using this tool, I thought I could see my skin looking more refined and firmer every day. But after a stopped for a few days before starting again, the improvements are not as obvious as before. Why is it so? (usage time is same as before)

Clariancy: This is really like going to a gym. If you want to train your muscles to get a better bicep definition, you need to hit the gym a few times a week. Once you have reached your goal of having well defined muscles (6 abs or so), you still need to do regular visits to maintain the figure/definition. If you stop, the muscles lose the definition and revert back to fat cells. Your Collagen is like your Muscles. You need to give it regular stimulation so that you can have enough collagen and this helps to tighten and firm your skin. You should see good results 4 weeks after a course of sessions but you should also perform maintenance sessions. Perhaps, no need to do 3 times a week but just once a week should be good enough.

If you skip the sessions, you need a bit more time to see the results again. Also, like going to a gym, you can’t just lift 5kgs each time. You need to lift 5kgs, 10kgs later and 20kgs even later. If you find the results with Silk ‘N FaceFx is diminishing, you can use it longer or even twice a day.

Simply Beauty: Can I use alcohol swaps to clean the contact point without damaging it? The brochure mentions cleaning with a piece of cloth after every use. I wonder if I clean with alcohol swap it would be more hygienic?

Clariancy: Yes. It is fine to use alcohol swabs to clean the head of FaceFX, but I would use a lightly moist cloth to double clean after using the alcohol swab. It should be alcohol swab, moist cloth and then dry with another cloth. Alcohol is flammable. While the heat of FaceFX would not cause a fire when in contact with alcohol, we rather err on the side of caution and use a moist cloth to wipe of the alcohol.

Silk ‘N FaceFx retails at $480. Available at all Clariancy (Private Limited) outlets.

VERDICT: Being able to achieve skin rejuvenation results with a home DIY gadget is great news. I’ve been wondering about the chances of achieving firmer skin with a home gadget at a lower cost as compared to anti-ageing facial packages, which I realised my therapist does not always give me for every visit. At least with this gadget I can manage my expectations better.

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