Dazzle at Parties and get Dull Skin to Glow

Dazzle at Parties with New Radiance                               
After Office Party Skin Glowing Tip
To prep skin for an evening night out after work:
1. Refresh complexion with a dab of Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen.
2. Relax your facial features before touching up on your makeup
3. Restore luminosity to complexion and set makeup with a spritz of Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen.
4. The soft powdery scent from white lotus in the Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen and when spritzing the Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen onto skin relaxes the senses during the skincare and makeup setting ritual.
5. Now that you are relaxed, leave work frustration behind as you proceed to your appointment, and pick up some cheerfulness and have a ready smile. How you feel will further relax facial features and help you stay relaxed and dazzle at the party.
Trial Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen and Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen
I moisturised my skin with Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen and set my makeup with a spritz of the Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen, before setting off on a 7-hour drive to Terengganu, Malaysia on a hot afternoon. Upon arrival at our hotel at 1030pm, I noticed that my complexion had a healthy sheen. On the second day of using this cream, I didn’t feel any tingling sensation upon application. And by mid-day, I checked my skin again and there was a subtle sheen on my nose bridge and cheek bones (I could not capture the sheen with the camera on my mobile phone, so I decided to drop the idea of uploading the visual of my skin). My open pores were less obvious as if they were airbrushed, but are still obvious if I take a closer look at them.
Restore Radiance to Dull Complexion
Feeling blue at the sight of your tired, lack lustre skin? Long working hours and irregular meal times  drains energy and the life out of you. Not just that, a lifestyle like this, which leaves skin dull, also makes you appear lifeless and lacking in enthusiasm as well as energy. Well, Kenzoki gives you a chance to glow everyday with its newly reformulated Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen, or Creme qui fait Belle (in French) literally translated as “Cream that makes Beautiful”. Yes, you will look better or more beautiful than before, once skin pores are less obvious, skin more refined and smoother, and skin tone evened up.
What makes this cream work?
Promising to refine skin pores and leave it glowing and more refined, Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen, is packed with ingredients such as :
Extract of pink peony: Promote skin radiance, evens uneven skin tone to restore its natural sheen.
White lotus: the soft powdery scent of white lotus has an intense relaxing effect on your mood.
Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen
Osilift®, a derivative of oats, forms a flexible film on skin like a second skin to smoothen and firm it as it sets make-up.


Not available for retail, but as a gift with purchase. Please see details below.

Kenzoki Cream With a Sheen, $105 (50ml) is available at all Kenzo counters in July. Top up your purchase to $160 nett on Kenzoki products and receive a 9-piece gift set inclusive of Kenzoki Spray with a Sheen 30ml (worth $35). Having a travel-size Kenzoki Spray With a Sheen in your bag allows you to look radiant before every meeting or appointment. Simply lightly spritz over makeup minutes before stepping into meetings.

Kenzoki Cream With a Sheen is amazing. Although trial results claim to restore radiance and more refined skin to dull skin in eight weeks, I could see some subtle glow on my skin after the first use. Note that this cream is meant for day moisturising. Other than using a concealer to achieve flawless skin, this cream is a great emergency moisturiser for anyone who needs to appear to have less obvious skin flaws in a day and keep skin hydrated. A great plus is that after using it for a while skin becomes more refined.

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