Detoxify and Protect Skin from Haze

Antioxidant Skincare – Estee Lauder Nutritious

With more hot spots found in Indonesia and the winds predicted to blow the haze this way, purifying and detoxifying skin from pollutants that stick to skin is even more important now. Not just that, it is also important to strengthen skin with a rich dose of antioxidants to protect it against skin irritating and damaging effects of free radicals.

One of the latest antioxidant-rich skincare to consider is Estee Lauder reformulated and improved NutritiousCollection. The range restores skin by detoxifying skin of irritants, neutralising free radicals from pollution and haze and strengthening skin with potent nutrients and essential hydration. 

Why It’s Good For Your Skin
In the centre of this new formulation is proprietary Pomegranate Nectar Infusion. It is a fusion of bio-converted Pomegranate and antioxidant rich super berries said to instantly revitalise dull, tired skin to leave it with radiant. How does it do this? The infusion hydrates and nourishes skin with its rich source of nutrients, as it promotes skin natural antioxidant activity. 

Bio-converted Pomegranate: Pomegranate nutrients are easily absorbed into the skin in this form after a patent-pending bio-fermentation process. This further boosts the potency of antioxidant-rich pomegranate properties in skin to neutralise free radicals. 

Super Berries: A rich blend of bio-fermented Cranberry, blueberry and Wolfberry boosts activation of skin detoxifying enzymes to defend skin against external stress. Cranberry and Blueberry neutralize free radicals. Wolfberry enhances the absorption of nutrients. 

How to achieve radiant skin with this regime:

This gentle foaming cleanser detoxifies skin of surface pollutants and residues of makeup and dirt with charged clay. It is also a 2 minute skin purifying mask when massaged on dry skin and left on for two minutes to work. 

2 RADIANT VITALITY ENERGY LOTIONS (Fresh Moist and Intense Moist), S$70 

Preps skin to reap maximum benefits from treatments that follow, while intensively hydrating and nourishing skin. 


This light-weight radiance and vitamin booster rebuilds skin natural lipid barrier, thus strengthening it against irritation and moisture loss with a blend of nourishing oils including pomegranate extract and vitamin E.  It forms a layer to protect skin against pollution. 


A Detoxifying Clay Mask and a Nutrient Infusing Gel Mask packed into separate compartments within a container offer a two step skin treatment to first purify skin before intensively hydrating skin. It is a complete radiance transformation treatment. 

Estee Lauder Nutritious Collection is dermatologist tested, does not cause acne and specifically created for and tested on Asian skin.
Available at BHG Bugis, Isetan (Katong, Scotts, Tampines and Serangoon Central), Metro (Paragon, City Square, Woodlands), OG People’s Park, Robinsons (Centrepoint and Raffles City), Takashimaya and Tangs (Orchard and Vivocity).

For link to effects of haze, please click here.

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