SHOP OPENING AND REVEW Texture by Xpect @ Siglap salon’s latest outlet at Siglap for those residing in the East

SHOP OPENING Xpect Salon’s latest outlet in Siglap


I was invited to for a colour trial at XPect Group’s latest outlet at Siglap – Texture by Xpect @ Siglap. The spacious salon has a minimalist decor, with a flooring in the minimalist flooring that is most current trend in Europe, and the salon furnished with furniture in black and a chandelier hung over the waiting area to give the salon a touch of sophistication. To ensure that clients can rest their eyes and enjoy the relaxing rinse and massage and perhaps have a snooze, while having their hair shampooed and conditioned, the rinse room is deliberately dimly lit, with walls painted black. This makes the contrast of the backyard with walls painted in red even more vivid. And for one who prefers brightly lit rooms, peering out of the window that overlooks the backyard is welcoming. I also appreciate the contrast of the green leafy plants against the stark red walls.

I find the staff well versed in his colouring skills and knowledge, and very careful when handling the hair dye. Not a drop of the hair colour splattered on the floor nor smeared on my forehead. For this session, the colour technician gave me a colour change as he felt that my greys were growing out and that the fading hair colouring I had done in Seoul was causing my hair to appear unhealthy after three months, and was too light to cover my greys effectively. As I preferred a lighter hair shade to tone down the severity of my appearance, he creatively created a blend which would lighten a little in the next few washes to achieve the intensity I was looking for, but not fade longer than the last colouring. And it’s true that my hair colour was still healthy for more than two months.

The skills of staff at Xpect Salon is commendable from the shampoo to hair colouring skills, to simple blow out. Although the black walls in the rinse room too stark for my liking, it has certainly achieved it goal in providing a conducive environment for me to catch forty winks. It is also thoughtful for the owner to keep the backyard open for smokers whether it’s staff or customers’ husbands who need a puff while waiting.

Address: 713 East Coast Road, Singapore 459066. Tel: 64406334

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