SK-II Stempower Essence Discovery & Event Pictures

SK-II scientists found that skin ageing speed increases with age, and that as women approach 30, the main skin concerns includes loss of firmness, enlarged skin pores and obvious fine lines. The reasons behind these include loss of inner resilience and the ability to close skin pores after sebum secretion with age, resulting in enlarged skin pores.
And through stem cells studies, it became obvious that epidermal root cell activity declines with age, resulting in reduced skin firmness, and more obvious signs of ageing. By identifying the ageing speed patterns and critical factors that affect skin’s ageing speed, SK-II is able to focus on formulating solutions that improve skin radical firmness and slow down skin ageing speed. This leads to the discovery of revolutionary ingredients that reveal more youthful skin, such as Stem-Acanax ES Complex.
SK-II Stempower Essence Usage Results
SKII Stempower Essence boosts skin inner resilience for firmer and skin with less obvious open pores in just two weeks. Setting a new standard in youthful beauty, which is not only smooth, but also a visibly “poreless” appearance and bouncy with a higher skin inner resilience and elasticity.
After 1 day of use, pores become less visible, and after 10 days, recovering skin firmness as much as 10 years before.
How to Achieve Benefits of Stempower Essence by SK-II beauty trainer Cindy Cheong
Step by Step approach to applying the Stempower Essence to reveal smooth, firm skin with poreless appearance.
Step 1 SK-II Facial Tratment Essence Clear Lotion
Step 2 SK-II Stempower Essence (1-2 drops) over face, and an additional few drops on concerned areas with gentle knuckling motion.

SK-II Stempower Essence retails at $156 (30ml)/$224 (50ml). Available in leading department stores in August 2013.

Supermodels paraded in the latest designs retailing at local leading fashion online retailer Love Bonito, while manoeuvring Samsonite luggage. Hair is styled by hairstylists at Salon B.
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