In Pursuit of Youthfulness with SK-II: Research and Clinical Studies


SK-II STEMPOWER Essence 50ml

SK-II STEMPOWER Essence 50ml

After extensive research on skin ageing, experts at SK-II have found the secret to activating youth activity in skin called the “Master Switch”. Collaborating with leading authorities in skin cell function research, SK-II’s joint study unveils that turning on skin’s “Master Switch” (AhR), which lies in the epidermal root cells, optimises its environment to protect epidermal root cells. It promotes cell natural functions such as antioxidation, regeneration and longevity.

The “Master Switch” is triggered when external or internal factors act on skin. It causes the generation of antioxidants in the skin and activation of longevity gene, enhancing both protective and regenerative cell action. When the “Master Switch” is turned on, protein is produced to increase and enhance inner cell density, to result in plumper skin, which boosts skin inner resilience.

The result is refined skin with less visible pores after one application. Skin benefits include poreless appearance, and firm, bouncy skin after two weeks of use.

Active Ingredients

Stem-Acanax derived from organic Siberian Ginseng

Main active ingredient Stem-Acanax ES Complex comprising Stem-Acanax, Pitera™, Artichoke Extract and new Kinren Extract help transform the source of skin’s youth activity.

Stem-Acanax Complex promotes the formation of lift-proteins, critical for improving radical firmness in skin, and is proven to slow down the speed of skin ageing by restoring 10 years of “radical firmness” in 10 days. Containing Stem-Acanax and Pitera, it promotes skin hydration, formation of lift protein in basal layer, where collagen is produced to improve skin firmness and restore youthful looking skin.

Pitera improves the five dimensions of crystal clear skin. Combined with Artichoke Extract, it boosts skin natural antioxidant function to protect epidermal root cell.

Artichoke Extract Activates the “Master Switch”

Kinren Extract promotes cell density


Clinical Studies

SK-II Stempower Essence and Cream

SK-II Stempower Essence and Cream

When both SK-II STEMPOWER Essence and STEMPOWER (cream) are used together, the dynamic duo shows:

1. Almost 200 percent improved active ingredients penetration compared to when Stempower (cream) is used alone.

2. Almost 200 percent increase in skin hydration compared to when the Stempower is used alone.

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