REVIEW Eco-Friendly Ear Phones with Crisp Clear Sound for Sportsmen

Premium Eco-Friendly and Comfortable Ear Phones

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(picture on left) Clockwise from top: volume control and mic; ear phones, closer look at volume control, Box the ear phones are retailed in.

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Ear phones come with an elegant hard cover case for storage

Now you can enjoy crisp, clear music during when running or jogging, with EOps NoiseZero Sports+ that is.

A three-party collaboration, including music technology brand EOps, The Coco-Cola Company and UK designer Michael Young, this quality in-ear headphones is a step ahead of its competitors. Taking a step ahead of existing ear phone makers, this new entry into the Singapore market uses recycled polyethylene terephthalate (“rPET”) from plastic bottles, instead of the usual materials.

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What more, the end product has qualities that are most important to runners/joggers:

•           Sweat- and rain- proof design

•           Sportsfin structure (detachable) which fits securely on the outer ear and does not slip out easily

•           Comply Foam Tips T-500: Heat-sensitive, breathable foam conforms to the shape of ear canal, providing a perfect in-ear fit. The foam’s passive noise-reduction technology seals out unwanted ambient sound and funnels pure music directly into ear canal. Much softer than the silicone commonly used on ordinary, factory-supplied ear plugs, these foam tips are extremely comfortable, reduces irritation and fatigue, leaving listeners with nothing less than clear, crisp sound.

•           9mm Titanium HD dynamic driver: High rigidity driver diaphragm eliminates unwanted vibration of the diaphragm for sound supremacy

•           MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) remote and mic supported

Reason behind premium sound quality

Reason behind premium sound quality

I used the ear phones to listen to music when I’m out on my daily jogs as well as when watching movies over You Tube on my mobile phone.


Ear Comfort I’ve always disliked sticking silicon ear phones into my ears because of the discomfort from the hard silicon, and loud music blaring into my ears leave my ears numb. However this set of ear phones did not leave me with either. The foam tips fit into my ears snugly and do not fall out at all even when I tug the wire. My ears did not feel sore either even after I had tuned up the volume a little just to test.

Crisp and Clear sound I am amazed by the sound clarity in both music and movie dialogues. There is no muffling of sound and the actors’ every dialogue is crisp and clear, while music floats into my inner ears with clear and distinct notes without leaving my ear drums in any form of discomfort.

Great for Transcribing Interviews The crisp clear sound quality also makes this ear phones ideal for playing back and transcribing interviews as it cuts down background noise and brings out interviewees’ replies in crisp and clear quality.

Safety Net What I also like about this set of ear phones is the warning that flashes across the screen on my  mobile phone highlighting the harm that loud music or volume can cause to ear drums each time I tune up the volume.

Great Exercise Companion The wire is long enough and reach beyond my hips. The useful clip that comes with the ear phones, allows me to clip the wire to my top so that it does not stick out and get in the way when I swing my arms during stretches or when jogging.


Available at major CE stores and HMV in Singapore, and retailing at S$149.

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