REVIEW Bare Minerals Hydrating Ready SPF20

Bare Minerals Hydrating Ready SPF20 Foundation @ Sephora ION Singapore
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Bare Minerals’ latest Hydrating Ready SPF20 Foundation,s$55, is so light you’ll be amazed how it keeps skin hydrated with its light coverage that minimises uneven skin imperfections of pigmented skin.

Why it is good for you

1. Superior coverage – featherlight feel and diminishing appearance of fine line and wrinkles

2. Increases skin hydration for 12 hours by 108 per cent and nourishes skin with  Sea Nutritive Mineral Complex

3. Does not contain preservatives, parabens, artificial oils, synthetic fragrance or talc

How to apply

1. Ensure moisturiser and primer are both completely absorbed before applying foundation.
2. For ideal finish, it is imperative to use recommended foundation shade. So get shade matched at the store as different types of Bare Minerals foundation may have a different shade recommendation due to the properties of the various foundations.
3. Next, every foundation has its own application techniques to ensure the desired finish. Hence watch the enclosed video links for a clearer picture of the application techniques.
4. Brushes to match the types of foundation coverage desired:
Medium Coverage: Flawless Application Brush
Full Coverage: Precision Face Brush

5. To pick up foundation from compact: Just tap brush on compact. There’s no need to swirl the brush once over the compact.

Application for Full Coverage:

1. With Bare Minerals Precision Foundation Brush, S$45

How to pick up foundation from compact:

Tap brush on compact once and buff on face in long gentle strokes. There’s no need to swirl brush over the compact powder to avoid picking up too much in one application, which would result in having too much foundation on your face and hence a stiff look.

After application: Use brush to continue buffing for the air brush finish (do not  pick up any more foundation from the compact).

Here’s how you can contour cheeks.

Model of the day
Finished look on model of the day
Flawless Coverage for hyperpigmented skin (Medium to Full Coverage)Demo

Products used (all products except for eye shadow shades are shown here): 

From top: Flat tipped brush for full coverage application; blusher brush and lip gloss
From top: Tools used – Flat tipped brush Precision Face Brush for full coverage application; Flawless Application Face Brush and lip gloss

Sequence of products used: 

Step One: Bare Minerals makeup primer (after moisturiser has been absorbed)

Bare Minerals makeup primer

 Step Two: Brush for full coverage and Bare Minerals hydrating compact

Brush for full coverage and Bare Minerals hydrating compact
Step 3: Bare Minerals complexion brightening Bare Minerals Warmth All-Over-The-Face colour in Rise Radiance, S$36 with Bare Minerals Tapered Blush Brush, S$25Bare Minerals complexion brightening blush with brush
Step 4: Lip Gloss Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Party Starter, $33 with close up of smear. This gloss leaves a minty and subtle tingling sensation as it plumps up lips and smooths out linesLip Gloss with close up of smear


Little perks of using Bare Minerals Hydrating Ready SPF20 Foundation. Check out the “hello” note:

HELLO greeting you see every time you open up the compact
HELLO greeting you see every time you open up the compact

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