REVIEW/Make Up Tips: Givenchy latest foundation Teint Couture

New longlasting foundations to check out this month:

GIVENCHY Teint Couture Long-Wearing Compact Foundation SPF 10 / PA ++ & Highlighter, $86, offers buildable coverage. The ultra fine texture allows those who prefer a very light veil of foundation over skin as well as those who prefer more coverage.

20130823_155621 CROPPED LR

Compact foundation with faux leather casing

Compact foundation with faux leather casing elegant enough for taking out of evening bag to touch up makeup


Pigment and Powder Atomisation Technology leaves skin with an extremely refined and even finish with outstanding longwear.

Mica-Silica-Nylon Complex veils skin with a silky softness, blurring skin imperfections like blemishes and lines.

Antioxidant vitamin E derivative protects the skin against external stress and free radicals.


Fine Lines Before After


The texture is so fine one application of the powder foundation is hardly visible. It takes a few applications to build up coverage to blur blemishes and freckles. As the press release mentions the foundation veils fine lines, as seen in the before/after visual of area with visible fine lines.

The pink highlighter within the compact comes in handy for touching up. One can pack one less product in the makeup kit.


GIVENCHY TEINT COUTURE SPF 20 – PA ++ LONG-WEARING FLUID FOUNDATION, $76, keeps skin radiant and plumped up.

A light and supple magnetic polymer gives skin uniform texture and radiance.

Hydro-magnets hydrate skin to leave it fresh, plumped up and luminous.

Zinc derivative protects skin against harmful effects of free radicals and re-balances skin for optimal functioning.




A single application of GIVENCHY TEINT COUTURE SPF 20 – PA ++ LONG-WEARING FLUID FOUNDATION offers more coverage than GIVENCHY Teint Couture Long-Wearing Compact Foundation SPF 10 / PA ++ & Highlighter. Offering natural medium coverage, it immediately leaves dry, coarse skin smoother (as seen in collage of hand shots above). Build up coverage a couple of times to minimise appearance of obvious open pores, and a little more of this subtly fragrant liquid foundation to blur out blemishes and freckles.

 I prefer the liquid foundation which leaves skin natural even after building up coverage so that my enlarged pores and freckles are less obvious.


  • Makeup Base – MISTER SMOOTH : Smooth our imperfections like obvious pores.1_20130606_160857 makeup base LR
  • Foundation – TEINT COUTURE FLUIDE 25ML BEIGE No 4 was used on model.1_20130606_161030_FOUNDATION LR
  • Concealer – MISTER LIGHT CONCEALER No 03 MISTER TOAST , S$46: Apply around dark circles to minnimise its appearance. it works like a makeup eraser.

3_ 20130606_161237 Mister Light Concealer LR

  • Loose Powder – PRISME LIBRE No 05 SOFT WHITE or compact powder: Brush pink powder on cheek bones to highlight and “open” eyes.

4_20130606_161344 prisme Libre LR

  • Eyebrow Pencil – EYEBROW SHOW 02 BROWN SHOW: Brow pencils are important part of make up for Asian eyes. Soften intensity with brush on the other end of pencil, after enhancing brows with pencil.

5_20130606_161529 eye brow liner LR

  • Eye shadow – Spring Summer Collection ECRIN PRIVE QAP 4x05G: Start with highlighter eye shade over movable lids and darker shade over eye socket. Wet brush to blend eye shade to get smokey finish. Smoky eyes are still the trends for A/W 2013-14. Apply sparkly eye shade with pinky or little finger.

6_20130606_161637 eye shadow LR

  • Eye liner – MAGIC KAJAL No 1 BLACK 2.6G: Contour eyes by drawing along lash line.

6_20130606_161918 eyeliner LR

  • Mascara – MASCARA NOIR COUTURE No 1 BLACK SATIN 8G, S$50 : Enhances lashes and open eyes.

7_20130606_162200 mascara brushing LR

  • Blush – LE PRISME BLUSH No 22 VINTAGE PINK, S$89 : Enhance cheeks and brighten complexion.

8_20130606_162341 blusher LR

  • Lip Liner – LIP LINER PENCIL No 2 BEIGE : fill and shape lips, then slick lips with Le Rouge Givenchy No 305, S$49.

9_20130606_162601 lipstick slicking on LR

  • Nail Polish – LE VERNIS GIVENCHY No 06, S$27, a new gel  texture and concentration of intense colours comes with a new broad flat brush for flawless application with just one coat.  Its round cap within allows for easy grip during application and for more precise application.

10_20130606_162852 manicured hands LR

  • Perfume – DAHLIA NOIR L’EAU EDT 50ML : A beautiful fragrance like Givenchy Dahlia Noir completes the total look.

11_perfume Dahlia LR


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