REVIEW Hitachi Hada Crie Cool Gadget

I tried Hitachi Hada Crie Cool for one month to discover if it can really minimise obvious pores.

CM-N10000 ShotsTrial:

With the haze, proper skin cleansing is even more important to me. Plus, as I have three skin problems that I hope this gadget can relief―dry skin, tendency to have clogged pores especially around the chin and nose and obvious open pores on my cheeks―I was truly excited about the invitation to do a trial with Hitachi Hada Crie Cool.

To maximise cleansing, I completed the full “cleanse, hydrate and cool” course most of the time. The gadget is easy to use and the instructions straightforward. Good thing that the designer of this gadget thoughtfully programmed it to switch off automatically to signal the end of each step.  On top of it, I can also choose any of the modes to suit my needs and time constraints (please see bottom of page for the list of skincare mode and the time each takes).

1. This gadget is to be used after regular makeup removal and cleansing with facial cleanser. When I took the extra cleansing step with this gadget, I could still see that the cotton pads used to soak Hada Labo hydrating serum as required, was dirty after cleansing. The cotton pad on the first session was dirtiest compared to subsequent sessions during the cleansing and moisturising mode. Fortunately for subsequent sessions, the cotton pads were less dirty during the cleansing session.

2. I am happy that this gadget is able to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores in one month of use (please see pictures below). I took a mental note that pores on both cheeks were equally visible before deciding to concentrate the use of the Cool-Aesthetic mode on my left cheek so that I can see the real difference on both cheeks. However, I also started taking supplements that improve my skin hydration 2 weeks into using Hitachi Hada Crie Cool, after not seeing any obvious results. As we know skin hydration is also very important to skin health for many reasons.

Skin comparison

3. I used Hada Labo hydrating serum with this gadget for two weeks before I started including hydrating face masks to speed up results. For two sessions, I decided to see if a whitening serum would also show some form of results. When a finer and more aqueous YSL whitening serum was used with the gadget, I could see obvious skin brightening effects. This shows that the gadget does improve penetration of the serum deep into the skin.

4. I see more obvious overall results after I stepped up on a weekly face scrub and the use of moisturising face mask in my Hitachi Hada Crie Cool skincare regimen.

The challenges

Having to use a corded gadget to complete my 18 minute cleansing and hydrating regime means I should watch my favourite sitcom throughout the whole process. Thankfully, we have an extension cord which goes all the way to our couch.

I’ve also never gone through my facial pads so quickly before ―with Hada Crie COOL, I had to use two cotton pads per session. By the end of one month with Hitachi Hada Crie COOL, I am three quarter way through my packet of cotton pads.


Hitachi Hada Crie COOL, S$499. It is an effective skincare tool especially in the area of skin tightening. At the end of one month’s use, pores were minimised especially after I started taking skin hydrating supplements and stepped up on my moisturising face mask. I saw slight improvement in hydration during the course of one month though. May be if I drink more water and less coffee, the results may be better. 

Although a corded gadget means that I can be sure that it works according to its design,  it would be ideal if it is battery operated,  due to the length of a complete a full cleansing, moisturising and pore tightening session.  A smaller head for cleansing may be best for a more thorough cleansing especially around the flare of nose. 

Why it is good for you:

It does a deeper level of pore cleansing by drawing dirt from inner bits of skin pores, while also being able to moisturise and tighten open pores. Hitachi MicroStep Waveform technology emits fine but high frequency waveforms that reduce stimulation in the skin. Titanium Metal head is gentle and suitable even for sensitive skin. It has four features in a complete total cleansing, moisturising and skin tightening treatment.

Cleansing, Micro-Pat and Moisturise: each lasts about 5 minutes each

  • Cleansing mode draws out fine dirt clogged deep within skin.
  • Micro-Pat mode uses fine microscopic-vibration and original pulse signals to improve  penetration of moisture molecules in hydrating water based serum.
  • Moisturise mode The power of ions enables lotion to penetrate deep into skin and to be moisturise for a longer time.

Cool Aesthetic mode cools and tightens obvious pores with a cool refrigerant feature. Each session lasts about 3 minutes (including cooling time).

The power source is programmed to be cut off automatically at the end of each mode with a beep sound. Each mode can be set to high or low level intensity. Choose according to skin needs.

Video demonstration to watch.

Options and Time Taken

Express skin tightening: 3 minutes

Express regime: 5 minutes

Pore tightening: 8 minutes

Relaxed regime: 10 minutes

Daily Regime: 13 minutes

Recommended Full Course: 18 minutes

 Power Source: Plug in AC100-240V

Cable Length: About 2m

Hitachi has other battery operated models which do not have the pore tightening function.

Retailed at: 

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