News: Olay Advanced Cleansing System

Beauty Gadget: Olay‘s first cleansing device one of the best  

Why are these gorgeous models baring their chests?

20130724_155322 LR MODELS

Well for good reason of course.

Olay is launching its first cleansing device in Singapore today. and these handsome models  have makeup creatively smeared on their chest and arms. Invited press and web editors are assigned into groups, before being asked to remove the makeup with tools assigned to the different teams. One group uses traditional methods and the other uses Olay’s cleansing device with a recommended cleanser. The aim is to get us to witness the ease and effectiveness of the cleansing gadget (below).


Caught In The Act

These visuals reveal the answer: Makeup on the model’s right arm (on your left when viewing this article) is removed with Olay’s latest device Advanced Cleansing System and Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser. His left arm (on your right) is cleansed the traditional way with cotton pad soaked with a makeup remover.

Model and makeup removal

 Verdict of Experiment

My group uses the makeup drenched cotton pads to remove the makeup. We keep our eyes peeled on our competitors’ progress – and they seem to be removing the makup rather effortlessly, while we keep rubbing the poor model’s arm to get the makeup off as quickly as possible, hoping to finish up before our competitors :p Thank goodness the model wasn’t bruised by our eagerness.

Makeup removal in the act

Gentleness of the Device revealed

A tomato is smeared with lipstick before makeup is removed with Olay Advanced Cleansing Device. The tomato below shows how gentle the device is when cleansing–that it is not damaged  or bruised after cleansing.


Of course, there are other areas to look at to proof the effectiveness of the device. This is my review.

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