Review Beauty Gadget: Olay Advanced Cleansing System

This is one of the more effective cleansing device I’ve used.

Olay Advanced Cleanser opened with visible AA batteries peeking out of battery compartment

Olay Advanced Cleanser opened with visible AA batteries peeking out of battery compartment and detachable brush

I used this gadget for a month and simply love it.  This device is operated by 2 AA batteries and is very light. I’ve used it for a month and I still do not have to change the batteries yet. The detachable brush is soft and is designed such that its bristles can reach into tight corners around my nose to cleanse the area. This detachable brush head is retailed individually, which can be bought to replace worn out brush, or interchanged for different users to share the  device body, but have a personal brush for hygiene purposes (another plus factor of this device for money saving purposes).

On my first use, the area that was cleansed with this device turned pink with sensitivity as I didn’t have enough foam on my skin. The sensitivity disappeared when I had more of the foam on my skin. There is no more sensitivity during my subsequent cleansing regime.

gadget with brush


My skin is better cleansed now. The tiny clogs that I usually find around my nose have minimised. Although the brush exfoliates as it cleanses, a weekly exfoliation leaves my skin clearer than before. The device is very easy to use, although it has two speed options, I am happy to with the lower speed, especially my skin is thin and has a tendency to sensitivity. Best of all, this device is water-resistant. I’ve used it in the shower and rinsed over running water before and it’s still working just as well as before. For an affordable price of about S$50, this device is definitely worth the money. 

Find out how the Olay Regenerist Cleansing System works and retail outlets here.

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