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Is smoother, lighter and healthier hair possible? We put Dove to the challenge and hear what an 8-year old says.
Model Visual LRBefore going into my verdict of this new haircare range, I shall present some facts about it first and how close the properties come up against my trial.

Dove Intense Repair

Dove’s latest Intense Repair hair care range is said to restore health to dry damaged hair both internally and externally. The main benefit of this range is that it works on the cellular level, meaning it treats and repairs hair more intensively.

What makes it good for you?

KERATIN REPAIR ACTIVES penetrates into the core of the hair fibre to stabilise proteins at cellular level.  The result is that dry hair doesn’t appear as dry anymore. My frizzy ends look less dry after I used the range.

SILICONE DEPOSITS smoothens hair shaft such as it feels softer and smoother, while being protected from further damage. The smoothness is obvious right after the first wash and hair conditioning. I was surprised by how much lighter my hair feels right from the first use.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has dry hair, uses heat appliances on their hair or live in harsh weather conditions where it gets really cold and dry or really sunny. The Repair All Day Repair Cream protects hair with UV protector while keeping it soft and manageable.

Also, women will find changes in their hair condition in more than one occasion – pre or post pregnancy hormonal changes or after turning 30 when oil production is reduced.

My short chat with Unilever inhouse research scientist is summised as such:

Everyone is concerned with some haircare range leaves silicone build-up after a few washes. However, Dove Intense Repair coats hair strands evenly with microsheet technology (in its conditioner), without leaving any buildup like most commercial haircare range.

– The repair of the haircare range increases with usage. Each wash and treatment with the range improves the condition of the hair further.

– Should we use this range before or after a chemical treatment? Of course before to repair the damage to ensure the chemical treatment comes out better, as healthy hair will retain salon colouring and curls better.

Just how smooth is it?

Watch this ‘live’ demonstration captured on Video.


I used this range for a month and also used the mask on my unsuspecting 8-year-old swimming companion, Ally, who has never even used a drop of conditioner in her life before this.

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo 350ml, $7.70LR


It cleanses my scalp and hair effectively without leaving it greasy although it repairs as it cleanses.



Both of them leave my hair ultra soft and light, neither of them weigh my long tresses down.ALL DAY

SERUMSBoth these treatments leave hair soft, light, grease- and tangle-free. It’s amazing how light the “serums” are although one of them is in a cream form.

Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask 200ml, $10.90 LR


Perhaps my innocent 8 year old swimming companion Ally gave the most honest testimonial about Dove Intense Repair Mask Treatment Mask. “Oh, wait. I do not need to brush my hair any more. It’s not tangled up! It’s so smooooth now.” That’s what she said after running her fingers through her towel-dried hair. Before that I had massaged some mask into her hair, like I always do for my own hair, after a swim. This mask has an interesting triangular shape, perhaps to fit better into back corners of your bathroom (behind your shampoo and conditioners) since it’s only for weekly use.

On the whole, after using the range for a month, my hair become softer and less dry. I would have to admit that the remaining loose waves from my perm last year became more relaxed too while my mane was being repaired. But it is more important to have healthy hair as dry hair makes any salon hair colour less appealing or destroys a hairstyle. In the case of Ally, the rust-tinge in her naturally brown hair from weeks of daily swimming was less obvious after the mask (sorry I had not taken any “after” pictures to show you).


Hair colour before Dove mask

Hair colour before Dove mask


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