TRIAL KENZO latest pampering and aromatic cleansing mousse & uber light moisturiser

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This delightfully fine foam cleanser gently removes makeup and leaves skin comfortable and moisturised.

How does it work?


Camelina Oil soothes skin as it gently seals in skin moisture in skin’s hydro-lipidic film with its protective oil.

White Lotus Active Plant Essence soothes and relaxes skin as well as senses with its powdery scent, while erasing damaging effects of free radicals with its rich source of antioxidants.

How to use?

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Use it to cleanse face in the morning as well as to remove makeup in the evening. Shake bottle well dispensing mousse from can. Apply to face and gently massage. Close your eyes as you massage with circular movements and enjoy the velvety feel of the fine mousse before rinsing off with water.


The mousse effectively cleanses skin., however waterproof mascara needs to be removed with a eye makeup remover.


The mousse makes such great mood enhancer as its soothing powdering scent calms the spirit and its super soft and velvety texture caresses and soothes skin during the makeup removal. I imagine the stress and harshness of the day melting as I massage the mousse into skin and breathe the scent.


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This refreshing gel-cream melts into skin and traps moisture in skin for the whole day.

It protects skin from environmental assault such as pollution, stress, sweltering heat, cold temperatures, changing temperature change such as walking from the outdoor heat into an air-conditioned room and endless list of daily aggression.

How does it work?


Japanese Lily of the Valley boost skin intense hydration. This plant is resistant to dryness and captures water in its tubers to diffuse it when necessary.  Extracts of Japanese lily of the valley helps skin retain moisture, reinforces the cohesion of skin’s upper layers and restructures skin’s barrier function

Millet strengthens skin cells and shields skin from free radicals and stress. This herbaceous plant from China is one of five sacred plants. Millet is naturally particularly persistent and resistant to the most hostile environmental aggressions.

White Lotus activeTM plant essence wrap skin in a protective bubble of antioxidants and soothes skin. This legendary flower naturally protects itself from external aggression.

How to Use?

Every morning, gently apply the hydrating skin guardian on cleansed, fresh skin and delight in its soft white lotus scent.


I love the calming powdering scent of this creamy-soft gel-moisturiser. It calms and soothes me from the moment I moisturise my skin. It instantly brightens my skin with radiance.

VERDICTgel cream texture LR

This gel-cream is definitely suitable for our hot humid climate as the gentle gel-cream pampers the skin with its lovely light texture. Simply love the texture and how it feels on the skin. Most importantly, it leaves a glow on my complexion such that I appear deliciously happy and radiant even when I am feeling under the weather. And skin is continuously moisturised and soft the whole day. A great pick-me-up!

Both products are available in September 2013 at Kenzo counters at Metro Paragon and Robinsons outlets at JEM, The Centrepoint and Raffles City.



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