TRIAL Belif soothing FIRST AID Deep Pore Care Mask

Belif First Aid Deep Pore Care Mask

Belif First Aid Deep Pore Care Mask

BELIF FIRST AID Deep Pore Care Mask

Belif skincare is known for its main ingredient Napiers Original Formula, which works wonders to soothe sensitive skin and, keep skin healthy and youthful longer. This deep pore care mask cleanse the skin a little more than your usual facial wash. It soothes skin problems and reaches deep into the depths of pores to decongest, clarify with antiseptic properties, refines and calms skin.


Clay mask smeared on hand

Clay mask smeared on hand

Simply smoother a thin layer of this clay mask over cleansed skin. I could detect a very mild aroma of the Napier clay as I smooth the mask over my face. The clay mask spreads easily. With some clay masks I’ve tried, the first layer of the clay mask leaves pores more obvious as it sticks to the skin, emphasizing the pores. But this doesn’t, making this a great face mask to use especially after a long day with quick application. As the mask is left to deeply cleanse and dry on my skin, I felt a very mild tingling sensation, as if signaling that the active ingredients are working hard to restore my skin. Once dried, the mask is easy to remove with two wet cotton pads soaked in warm water and a quick splash of water from the tap.


Natural French Green Clay refines pores and removes excess sebum and impurities.

Raspberry leaf extract relieves rashes and redness caused by sensitive skin, and strengthens skin



VERDICT: This green clay mask is one of the gentlest with the best spreadibility properties. A 10-minute session leaves my skin clearer and comfortable. Unlike most clay mask which would quick soak up all the oil on the skin to leave it tighter, this one left my complexion, calmer than before, and comfortable, without any tight feeling. So perhaps it’s also suitable for those sensitive skin too. 

Less obvious bumps, and calmer and smoother skin

Less obvious bumps, and calmer and smoother skin

Less obvious freckles after mask

Brighter complexion & less obvious freckles after mask

The tingling sensation I felt on my skin is very mild. The two tiny raised pimples on my face was slightly flatter than before after the mask was removed.

With the haze PSI level sitting mostly on 25, these days, it would be good to mask the skin more regularly to unclog skin and remove impurities from the haze that stick to the skin more stubbornly than normal every day dust outdoors. 

Available at all BELIF stores islandwide @ Wisma Atria B1-64, Suntec City #02-337, Junction 8 #01-28B, Plaza Singapura (new extension) #01-61.

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