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Having just returned from spending four days mostly indoors in a hotel room designated for smokers, I wish I have decked at least one of my rooms with Ionwood flooring. Seriously. I have been unwell since I got back. Walking into the hotel room for the first time reminded me of karaoke rooms 20 years ago, when most patrons smoke indoors in-between songs and one would be hit by the stench of stale cigarette smoke from the day before. I was unconsciously being very selective about my food over those four days at the hotel, even though we had a delectable buffet spread, misleading my companions into believing that I have a healthy eating habit.

Now what’s so great about Ionwood that I have such a wish? I have not been in a room decked by Ionwood flooring yet, but the research materials seem convincing.


Berkelah Waterfall in Pahang, Malaysia

Berkelah Waterfall in Pahang, Malaysia

Have you ever heard comments suggesting the indoors to be unhealthy as compared to the outdoors? Or felt better after stepping out of a building? This is best explained by the concentration of ions around us as are surrounded by both negative and positive ions. Walking into a room filled with electrical appliances such as the iron, TV, laptop or photocopier or a polluted area surround us with relatively more positive ions than negative ones may leave us feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. Some experts associate bodily aches and pains with the exposure to the high concentration of such unhealthy positive ions.

Alternatively, ever wondered how a 10-minute drive and feeling the wind caress your hair seems to sweep away all the cares of the world, and lift a downtrodden spirit? Or, how setting foot onto the beach or next to a waterfall, where tens of thousands of negative ions are created can help you to feel better about yourself and be more alert?  For these reasons, rural areas are usually said to be suited for recuperation from an illness due to the high concentration of negative ions versus highly polluted areas such as industrial estates and city centers.  And trekkers like my friends and myself felt instantly energised were so much more jovial upon reaching the Berkalah Falls in Pahang, and after our return from a strenuous trekking trip. The exhileration and power of rejuvenation from spending a few days at the waterfall region was simply liberating. We were physically tired out from the trip, as we were mere office folks who only exercised more regularly a couple of months prior to the trip, but a certain amount of energy bursts from within us after spending just a couple of days close to the waterfall.


Ionwood combines Tourmaline nano energy tablets with material technology that release sustainable levels of healthy negative ions into the air. Using a special meter, it is said that a room with Ionwood flooring emits high levels of negative ions at levels similar to that found in natural environments like forests, oceans and waterfalls, which would bring about health benefits like enhanced blood circulation, improved sleep quality, recovery from lethargy and tiredness and strengthening of the immune system.

A research by Supreme Floors shows the various levels of negative ions concentration in the various environments:


Negative Ions

Factory 0- 50
Indoor 60 – 150
Park 500 – 1,000
Forest 2,000 – 3,000
Ionwood 2,000 – 5,000
Waterfall 5,000 – 7,000
Promotional Banner of Ionwood

Promotional Banner of Ionwood

Laboratory Tests

1. Health Benefits

Ionwood@Supreme Floors brought Ionwood to experts in Japan for some laboratory tests on mice that are exposed to cancer. The video shown at the presentation showed that the mice with cancer and exposed to healthy negative ions are said to live longer and are healthier than those not exposed to healthy negative ions.

The video clip was rather convincing, such that I wish medical centres like National Cancer Centre, hospitals and recuperating centres have at least one room decked with this health enhancing flooring to improve the well-being of those who need some help, and offices could have this flooring instead of thick dust-trapping carpets.

View the video presentation in Japanese with English subtitles

2. Life Preserving Properties

Exhibits at the press conference showing the difference of apples placed in a space with concentrated negative ion and one without. Guess which apple was in a healthier environment?

Space with higher concentration of negative ions

Space with higher concentration of negative ions

Space with normal ion concentration

Space with normal ion concentration

Material Durability

  1. Scratch Resistant

                Ionwood is durable and has strong surface protection as it is made with eight layers of cross grain woods, 12 layers of base coat varnish and a top coat of Sapphire Powder Finish. Have you heard of premium watches with scratch-proof sapphire glass? Well, Ionwood is coated with this resilient sapphire powder to keep the flooring beautifully smooth and free of scratch marks.

                During the press presentation, staff of Supreme Flooring used a tool to show the laminate’s resistant to scratches. Even when a great force was used on the wood, it only caused a depression, but the surface of Ionwood remained undamaged.

(left)  Scratch-resistant Ionwood and (right) Normal wooden floor laminate. Both were put through the same scratch test

(left) Scratch-resistant Ionwood and  (right) Normal wooden floor laminate.  Both were put through the same scratch test

2. Termite Resistant and Formaldehyde-Free

Supreme Flooring uses only wood that are resistant to termites.

3. Stain Resistant

Here’s a video on the spill test done on Ionwood.

Ionwood@Supreme Floors starts from between S$2,000 to S$3,000 for an average sized bedroom to S$24,000 for a floor area of 1,008 sq ft.

Dimension of each piece of laminate: 610/920/1,220mm (L) x 125/142 mm (W) x 15mm (Thickness)

Thicker than usual Ionwood

Thicker than usual Ionwood

A variety of grains and finishes are available, ranging from Tropical Woods Ionwood flooring such as Nyato, Chunteh and KSK. Imported American Woods Ionwood flooring is available in American White Oak and American Walnut. If there are members of family who are prone to slipping on wet floor, especially newly mopped floor, look for a finish with a rough finish when you run your hand over it.

For details, call (65) 6555 5522 or surf to www.ionwoodsupreme.com

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