MOTHER’S DAY Cakes from Pine Garden 2014

Three Mother’s Day offerings from Pine Garden’s Cake that Simply Beauty SG loves:

Kyoho Grape & Lime

Kyoho 巨峰 grapes originate from Japan and its name (translated as great or big mountain) is so named as it is larger than the average grape. The sweetness of the Kyoho grapes in the form of premium Suntory Kyoho Murasaki Grape Liquor is balanced with layers of creamy cream cheese and lime sponge cake and a crunchy white chocolate-coated crushed wafer flakes base. Priced at $52 (0.8 kg) and $72 (1.2 kg)

Pine Garden's Kyoho & Lime Cake

Pine Garden’s Kyoho & Lime Cake

Bird’s Nest Cake

To the Chinese, regular consumption of double-boiled bird’s nest is said to promote fine skin texture and healthy lungs. This cake has protein-rich double-boiled Bird’s Nest topping over layers of light vanilla cake and green apple mousse. Priced at $76 (0.5 kg) and $152 (1 kg).

Pine Garden's Bird's Nest Cake

Pine Garden’s Bird’s Nest Cake

White Peach Bellini

Stone fruits like peaches are found to ward off obesity-related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Their strong antioxidant content is also said to ward off the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. Hence there is no better reason to celebrate this happy occasion with this healthy peach number. Peachy-pink marbled sponge cake with champagne and a delightful medley of light cream filling made of white peach puree and chunks of juicy white peaches. Priced at $52 (0.5 kg) and $72 (1 kg)

Pine Garden's White Peach Bellini Cake

Pine Garden’s White Peach Bellini Cake

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