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The THOMAS SABO new collection emphasises the message of love, bond and togetherness through its varied designs. Highlights of Gam & Soul, Love Bridge, Rebel at Heart and Karma Beads are perfected with faceted diamond embellishments to symbolise eternal love or filigree gemstones and emotional designs. What’s new are the Egyptian-inspired Nile Treasure and Prana series that portray protection and Far-Eastern symbolisms respectively, paired with unique THOMAS SABO designs.

The Symbol of Togetherness
Layer Your Jewellery To Create Your Own Style
Egyptian Inspired Pieces

Among the many new designs Simply Beauty is fascinated by the unique pieces that are a combination of a few pieces such as seen in the ear studs that offer options with an accent piece and the three piece rings.



Ear Studs that come with an accent piece gives ear studs added style

Over at the watch collection, you will find style and unique designs for both men and women. The Spirit watches is embedded with sophistication with two-tone, innovative, stainless steel mesh bracelet. The new black Karma elegant ladies’ timepiece, pays homage to the unique THOMAS SABO design language.

The 2016 Autumn/Winter “Together” Sterling Silver and Watches Collection are now available at all THOMAS SABO stores island-wide.



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