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SingaPlural 2017 focuses on the future of Singapore. For instance:

What will the city of Singapore look like in 2065?
How will we live and what are some of the exciting innovations we can enjoy?
How will we travel and chart our journey towards 2065?
Getting a peek into SG100 will be Guest of Honour, Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, officially opened SingaPlural 2017 at the F1 Pit Building on March 6.

See a record of more than 100 exhibits and experience the works of design icons such as Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell of WOHA as well as Colin Seah of the Ministry of Design.

 Simply Beauty loves the special collaborations with Japan’s Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, which produced an inspiring installation, 共KYO, to mark 50 years of established diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore.
In addition to the visual treat, you also get to purchase exclusive products at SingaPlural 2017. These offerings range from speciality foods, unique tea blends to one-of-a-kind pottery pieces and fashion accessories.

Tomorrow: Design Stories of Our Future

Ten designers and ten illustrators present their visions of this future today.  They take into consideration of how we will


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FEATURED PROJECT: The Waiting Room by Antalis x Somewhere Else

Have you been stuck in a loop of bad decisions, constantly looking for answers that never seem to materialise? The Waiting Room seeks to shed light on some of life’s everyday problems with ridiculous solutions and answers that do little beyond entertain. The installation hopes to get visitors to realise that the quick short-cut solutions they indulge in are in fact completely useless, and begin to confront the real problems they face with more conviction.

FEATURED PARTNER: d. lab by Design Incubation Centre, NUS

  • The Design Incubation Centre created a commercial entity and trademark, d.lab, provides the platform to build business frameworks and through that, create brand value.

    The first three collections from d.lab’s Objects Around the Tablescape series were exhibited in Paris at Maison et Objet for three consecutive years.

    Developed through a material exploration workshop, its first collection in Corian® was designed and manufactured in Singapore by Design Incubation Centre’s team of designers as well as National University of Singapore’s Industrial Design Program students and alumni contributors, with design direction from Patrick Chia. The second and third collection explored materials such as SLS nylon, fibre reinforced plastic, maple and balau wood while the recent fourth collection in Milan introduced two new materials in the collection – copper and Delrin®.

    d.lab is fast establishing itself as a Singapore set-up in the international design scene and has showcased design talent through its efforts. And has secured retailership overseas and is being distributed by Spazio Rossana Orlandi (Milan, Italy), Marron (Berlin, Germany), Ricordi-Sfera (Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan) and Wallpaper* wallspace store in la Rinascente (Milan, Italy).


    With the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, this project bridges Singapore designers and Japanese traditional craft makers from the Kanto region. Designers and craft makers come together to produce a series of furniture and lifestyle products through the skills of Japanese craft masters and interpretations from Singapore designers.

    At this exhibition, you will get to see a special waterproof fabric.

    FEATURED PARTNER: University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design

    Drawn is a collection of work by students and staff from the University of South Australia’s School of Art, Architecture and Design. Drawn features art and design stories told through drawing.

    Drawn explores the diverse and unique methods of storytelling found across all art and design disciplines, encompassing works by students and staff from industrial design, architecture, interior architecture, illustration, visual communication and visual arts. The works make use of the fundamental method of storytelling through drawing to develop and communicate ideas.


    Siu Jie Clutch by Ling Wu: Singapore design brands Onlewo and LING WU have collaborated to develop a capsule collection of clutch bags inspired by Singaporean women entitled Siu Jie. Onlewo creates bespoke fabrics with a focus on Singapore heritage, places and culture. For this collaboration, 8 original Onlewo prints (TIONG BAHRU, LITTLE INDIA, KUEH TILE, BOTANIC GARDENS, PERANAKAN BLISS, PERANAKAN RHAPSODY, PERANAKAN TILE and VINTAGE WINDOW GRILL) will be used to wrap a LING WU compact clutch. The prints depict the architecture, culture, people and flora and fauna of Singapore, and represent a story of discovery for every independent woman or Siu Jie.

    The BUBBA dining chair series by FLIQ: BUBBA is a dining chair designed by FLIQ specially paired with Onlewo’s unique fabric selection for 2017. The plan to collaborate was already in their chats. Both companies are looking at ways to grow and learn through collaborations. This round with SingaPlural’s support, they are taking this forward.


    Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food collaborates with muralist Yip Yew Chong to capture the mood of our everyday life with a focus on Singapore heritage, nostalgia and home for her pop-up.

    It aims to recreate a traditional Peranakan kitchen from 100 years ago. The kitchen has been reinterpreted with abstract and cardboard shapes in 3D and 2D so that it is fresh, innovative, and conceptual rather than literal.

    As as trained chef, this is the space she is most comfortable in, where she creates new Singapore food products to capture the taste and memory of home cooking.

    Also, check out the various levels of spiciness her concoctions of chilli paste at Singaplural.

    The Porcelain Shop by Supermama x Organisation of Illustrators Council Singapore The Porcelain Shop by Supermama x Organisation of Illustrators Council Singapore is a pop up shop which portrays porcelain as a blank canvas for artists and designers alike to write our own stories. Hidden within the beautifully glazed surface are layers of visuals which reveal the stories of their time. At Singaplural 2017, Supermama collaborates with Organisation of Illustrators Council (Singapore) to explore the simple porcelain dish as a subject for conversation.

    TALKS AND WORKSHOPSFor a list of talks and workshops please go to www.singaplural.com/programme/

    For the POP-UP segment, 8 retailers showcase new products as well as new shopping experience at their experiential retail pop-up stores, overturning the idea that brick-and-mortar stores are a thing of the past.

    Pop-up stores include home-grown bookbinding company, which will be bringing their “Customise a Notebook” concept to SingaPlural with a twist. The pop-up will be a unique display of man and machine working together to create
    a paper book jacket, empowering customers to become part of the product co-creation process.

    Supermama: “The Porcelain Shop by Supermama” presents the idea of a mobile museum, by marrying the spatial context of a museum with a retail space. Customers can gain a deeper insight into the porcelain making process through a photo journey and get creative by stamping their favourite porcelain motifs on post cards. It is about putting together a unique experience that points customers back to the brand’s core products.”
    Other retailers at the POP-UP segment include CATCH by Lucinda Law, ETTE TEA by MessyMsxi, Onlewo by Ling Wu Studio, FLIQ, Scene Shang by forest & whale, IN GOOD COMPANY, Visual Orgasm Tattoo & Piercing.

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